Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Creating/editing composite type

The Composite Type tab of Composite Type Editor allows you to view/edit the composite type properties.



Select a schema and enter a name for the new composite type, or modify the name of the composite type being edited.


Composite Type Editor - Editing composite type definition



This grid lists the arguments (columns) of the composite type: Name, Type, Size, Precision, Number of array dims.


Right-click within the Columns area to display the context menu allowing you to add new, delete the selected column, or move it up/down within the list.



The name of an attribute (column) for the composite type.



The name of an existing data type to become a column of the composite type.



Specifies the size of the type for this attribute.



Specifies the precision of the type for this attribute. The precision indicates the number of significant digits.


Number of array dims

Specifies the number of array dimensions (for multidimensional arrays).