Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Create the repository for a database from scratch

If you have just installed Subversion (please note that SQL Manager supports CollabNet Subversion and Slik Subversion only), and you need to create the repository for your database from scratch, please perform the following.


  1. You need to initialize the SVN server repository. To do this, use native Subversion 'svnadmin' tool which is included into subversion server installation. Please execute the following command: <msg:code>svnadmin create c:\svnstorage\</msg:code> specifying the valid path to the existing empty directory.
  2. Launch SQL Manager and open the Database Registration Info dialog for the database which you need to add to the SVN. Switch to the Change Management tab and press the Repository Management Wizard button.
  1. Choose the RadioButton Create new repository item and press 'Next'.
  2. Choose the RadioButton Subversion item and press 'Next'.
  3. Specify the path to your Subversion server libraries in the Subversion client libraries path field (for example: "C:\Program Files\CollabNet Subversion Server\"). If you use the client part only (in case of using a remote SVN server) you need to specify the path to your installed client part (for example: "C:\Program Files\CollabNet Subversion Client\"). Check the ability to load the libraries by clicking the 'Test' button and press 'Next'.
  4. Specify the path to your server repository in the Server path field as 'file:///c:/svnrepository/'; specify your working copy directory or any other empty directory where the working copy will be created automatically in the Local path field as 'c:\project\'; specify a name for your database repository in the Repository name field (for example: "mydb"); press 'Next' two times.
  5. Press the 'Run' button to start the process.
  6. After the process has finished, press the 'Close' button and then press the 'Yes' button in the popup dialog asking your to apply the settings.
  7. Press 'OK' to apply the Version Control settings and close the Database Registration Info dialog.