Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

Installation of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

If you are installing SQL Manager for PostgreSQL for the first time on your PC:


  • download the SQL Manager for PostgreSQL distribution package from the download page available at our site;
  • unzip the downloaded file to any local directory, e.g. C:\unzipped;
  • run PgManagerFull.exe (Full version) or PgManagerLite.exe (Lite version) from the local directory and follow the instructions of the installation wizard;
  • after the installation process is complete, find the SQL Manager shortcut in the corresponding group of Windows Start menu.


If you want to update an installed copy of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL you need to use SQL Direct.

Also you can use the full distribution package to upgrade your current version of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL. In this case, you should repeat the steps you have made for the first-time installation.


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