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The Localization section of the Environment Options dialog is provided for managing the localization files of SQL Manager for PostgreSQL.


You can create your own *.lng files similar to those available in the %program_directory%\Languages folder, add them to the list of available languages and set the new language as the program interface language.


Default directory

Use the Explorer ExplorerButton button to specify the directory where the *.lng files are to be stored by default.


Choose program language

Use the drop-down list of available languages to select the interface language to be applied to the application.


CheckBox Auto scan languages on startup

When checked, the directory with localization files will be scanned automatically at the application startup; all the languages found will be added to the list of available languages.


Available Languages

Lists all the languages available for localization and the corresponding *.lng files. Double-click a language in the list to edit its name or the *.lng file.


Add Defaults

This button is used to search for *.lng files in the Default directory and add all of them to the Available Languages list.



Opens the Add language dialog where you can specify your own localization file and set the language name.



Opens the Edit language dialog where you can change the language name or select another localization file for the specified language.



Removes the selected language from the Available languages list (without confirmation).

Environment Options - Localization

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