Online Documentation for SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

DB Explorer

General options

CheckBox Show hosts in DB Explorer

Shows/hides database hosts in the DB Explorer tree.


CheckBox Show table subobjects

Shows/hides table subobjects (columns, indexes, etc.) in the DB Explorer tree.


CheckBox Sort by aliases

Use this option to apply sorting registered hosts and databases by their aliases in the DB Explorer tree.


CheckBox Rename objects by editing in place

Allows you to edit object names in DB Explorer by selecting any object and clicking its alias one more time.


CheckBox Refresh objects on showing in SQL Assistant

This option enables/disables refreshing objects each time they are displayed in SQL Assistant.


CheckBox Auto expand navigation pane

If this option is checked, the list of navigation tabs in DB Explorer is expanded automatically on program launch.


CheckBox Show hint

The option enables/disables hints for objects in the DB Explorer tree.


Environment Options - Tools - DB Explorer


Recent objects count

Defines the number of objects displayed within the Recent menu of the DB Explorer.


Function list appearance

This option defines appearance of functions in the DB Explorer tree.

RadioButton Show arguments list as part of function name

If selected, function nodes do not contain any child nodes and look like "function_name(argument_list)"

RadioButton Show arguments as child nodes

If selected, function nodes contain "Arguments" node, which contains argument nodes.

RadioButton Group functions by names

If selected, overloaded functions are grouped, having lists of arguments as child nodes.


Table details in SQL Assistant

These options switch the SQL Assistant mode for displaying table details (columns, indexes, Foreign keys, checks, triggers, rules, table info, description or definition).


Expand after connection

This group of options allows you to specify the node(s) indicating type(s) of objects that will be expanded within DB Explorer upon successful connection to the database.


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