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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

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Very very nice product!! Very handy to use and it has a lot of options. Congrats with such a great product…
Richard Rombaut
FRS Europe BV

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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9.5 released
Added support for procedures and the latest version of backups, fixes and improvements in function editor and debugger and many other fixes...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9.4 released
Backup and restore for the latest server versions added, OWNER info is now displayed on the DDL tab, fixes in the debugger, improvements in database comparing and much more...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9.3 released
GENERATED AS IDENTITY added to the field editor, fixes for copying and importing data, some errors fixed in the debugger and much more...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9.2 released
Added support for PostgreSQL 10, use of pldbgapi extension for debugging, fixes in Compare databases wizard and much more...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9.1 released
Improvements in the debugger and policy editor and more fixes.
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 5.9 released
Support for SSL certificates, constraint triggers, search path in the debugger, more improvements and fixes...

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL


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EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. It works with any PostgreSQL versions up to the newest one and supports the latest PostgreSQL features including exclusion constrains, ‘when’ clause of triggers, functions returning table, and others. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL offers plenty of powerful database tools such as Visual Database Designer to create PostgreSQL database in few clicks, Visual Query Builder to build complicated PostgreSQL queries, powerful BLOB editor and many more useful features for efficient PostgreSQL administration. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.

Key Features

  • Support of PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Support of extensions
  • Support of unlogged tables
  • Excellent visual and text tools for query building
  • New state-of-the-art graphical user interface
  • Rapid database management and navigation
  • Advanced data manipulation tools
  • Improved database explorer for easy management of all PostgreSQL objects
  • Effective security management
  • Impressive data export and import capabilities
  • Powerful visual database designer
  • Easy-to-use wizards performing PostgreSQL maintenance tasks
  • Connecting via local port forwarding through the SSH tunnel
  • Access to PostgreSQL Server through HTTP protocol
  • Database change management
  • Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard
  • Support of partitioned tables

In-purchase benefits

  • FREE One Year of Maintenance already included!
  • FREE software updates and upgrades during Maintenance period!
  • FREE and unlimited Technical Support during Maintenance period!
  • Reasonable pricing for Maintenance renewal – from 35% per Year!
  • Volume discounts when buying two or more copies of one product
  • Cross-selling discounts on related products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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Available Versions

SQL Manager for PostgreSQL
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a powerful graphical tool for PostgreSQL Server administration and development. Its easy-to-use graphical interface and a lot of features will make your work with the PostgreSQL as easy as it can be!

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL Freeware
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL Freeware (EMS SQL Manager Lite for PostgreSQL) is an excellent and easy-to-use freeware graphical tool for PostgreSQL database administration. It has the minimal required set of tools for those users who are new to PostgreSQL server and need only its basic functionality. Being a light edition, SQL Manager Freeware has certain restrictions, for example, it can handle not more than 5 databases, and some others.

Available Interface Languages