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DB Extract for PostgreSQL

January 23, 2012



What's new in DB Extract?


Data extraction:

  • Unicode support is implemented.
  • Data extraction speed is considerably increased.


  • Unicode support in object descriptions, procedures, triggers bodies etc. is implemented.
  • PostgreSQL server versions up to 8.3 are now supported.
  • Support of Enum Types and Composite Types is implemented.
  • Object dependencies extraction algorithm has been improved.
  • Metadata extraction speed is considerably increased.

File options:

  • Different charsets are now available for the result file.
  • Archives can now be split to volumes.
  • Added the ability to append current time, date or datetime to a path, archive, script or blob file name.
  • Templates with scheduled task options used to be saved incorrectly. Fixed now.


  • The wizard window is now resizable.

Other minor fixes and improvements were made.



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