Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

Setting general options



Select the main color theme for the application: Light or Dark.


CheckBox Confirmation on exit

Enables/disables confirmation upon exiting the program.


CheckBox Save password

Setting this option allows you to save passwords used for access to the databases automatically upon closing the application. Please note that checking this option saves the latest password used for connection to the database (including the SSH server password).


CheckBox Format SQL values

The option determines whether SQL values (e.g. integer, float, currency, datetime, etc.) should be formatted according to the settings specified on the Default formats page.


CheckBox Show views

By setting this option on you can export data from views - they will appear in the list of available tables at Step 2 of the Wizard application.


CheckBox Show system tables

Enable this options if you need system tables to be added to the list at Step 2.


Preferences - General