Online Documentation for Data Export for PostgreSQL

Header & Footer options

The Header & Footer tab allows you to customize the header and footer areas of the result file.


Set Header text and Footer text for the result file. This text will appear at the beginning and at the end of the result file respectively.


CheckBox Allow captions

If this option is checked (default), the column captions are included into the result file.

Step 6 - Header and Footer

Add Query Text

When exporting from query you can optionally add query text to the file header or footer. Use the corresponding buttons Add Query Text to add the specified query text or Add Query Template to add the query used  in export.


Note: You can add the following macros: &N for total page count, &P for the current page number.


Hint: If more convenient, you can check the CheckBox Apply to all exported objects box to set the specified captions for all exported objects.