Online Documentation for SQL Query for Oracle

Setting registration options

Select the database name from the corresponding drop-down list and specify its alias. The drop-down list is only available if more than one Oracle database are registered in the TNS file. Note: If no database are registered in Oracle Client (DB list is empty in this case), then you need to add registration info manually.


Afterwards you should specify authorization type and authorization settings: User name and Password.


RadioButton Server authentication

Use server authentication for the login. Server Authentication stores logins and passwords in server and does not depend upon Windows.


RadioButton OS authentication

Use Windows Integrated Security for the login.


Afterwards you should specify authorization settings: User name and Password.


The default superuser name is 'SYS' (for Oracle 9 and higher) and the default password is 'change_on_install'.

Connect as

Select the type of connection to be established: Normal (by default), SYSDBA, SYSOPER.


hs3223 - Setting registration options



CheckBox Login prompt before connection

Check this option if you wish to be prompted for authorization information (User name and Password) each time you connect to the database.


CheckBox Autoconnect on startup

Setting this option enables connection to the database automatically when the application is started.


CheckBox Enable log of SQL Editor queries

Use this option to enable/disable SQL queries log.


Log file

This field is enabled if the Enable log of SQL Editor queries option is selected. Here you can specify the path to the *.sql file where SQL queries are logged.


If necessary, you can return to any of the previous steps using the Back button and make the appropriate changes for the currently registered Oracle database.


When done, click the Finish button to complete the Database registration process and start working with the newly registered database in SQL Query for Oracle.