Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Setting truncate options

Materialized view log options

Specify whether a materialized view log defined on the table/cluster is to be preserved or purged when the table/cluster is truncated.



RadioButton Drop

Select this option to deallocate all space from the deleted rows from the table or cluster except the space allocated by the MINEXTENTS parameter of the table or cluster. This space can subsequently be used by other objects in the tablespace.


RadioButton Reuse

Select this option to retain the space from the deleted rows allocated to the table or cluster. Storage values are not reset to the values when the table or cluster was created. This space can subsequently be used only by new data in the table or cluster resulting from insert or update operations.


Truncate Wizard - Setting truncate options


CheckBox Close the wizard after successful completion

If this option is selected, the wizard is closed automatically when the process is completed.


Click the Run button to run the operation.