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Specifying backup type and options

This step of the wizard allows you to specify backup parameters: select backup type and backup options for RMAN backup strategy.


Backup type

RadioButton Full backup

Specifies backup of a datafile that includes every allocated block in the file being backed up.


RadioButton Incremental backup

The goal of an incremental backup is to back up only those data blocks that have changed since a previous backup. You can use it to create incremental backups of datafiles, tablespaces, or the whole database.

Using the Backup level drop-down list you can specify either a level 0 backup which includes every block in the file except blocks compressed out because they have never been used, or a N-level backup (N between 1 and 4) which includes only those blocks that have been changed since the parent backup was taken.


Backup Database - RMAN - Specifying backup type and options


CheckBox Delete expired archivelog

If this option is selected, a special command which removes expired archievelogs is added to the RMAN script.


CheckBox Autobackup controlfile

Checking the option ensures that a usable backup of the control file is included with the backup and tagged in order to simplify restoring the control file with the rest of the database (starting from Oracle version 9).


Snapshot controlfile name

All the changes made to the database when performing backup will be logged at the Snapshot controlfile name set (recommended for Oracle version 8).


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