Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Creating/Editing scheduler chain

Use the Scheduler Chain tab of Scheduler Chain Editor to create/edit a scheduler chain and specify its properties.



Displays the name of the scheduler chain being created or edited.


Scheduler Chain Editor - Editing scheduler chain definition



This field displays the object owner.


Ruleset owner

Depending on the specified rule set owner, the appropriate rule set list will be available at the corresponding drop-down list.



Define the rule set within this drop-down list. Note that the scheduler creates the rule set automatically, and in the normal case no rule set should be passed in.


Evaluation interval

If this field is left empty, rule evaluation will be performed when the job starts and completes. If the value is specified, then rule evaluations will be performed periodically at the specified interval.


CheckBox Enabled

This flag specifies whether the chain should be created enabled or not. If the flag is checked, then validity checks will be made and the chain will be created enabled should all the checks be successful. By default, this flag is unchecked, which means that the chain is not created enabled.


Use the btnAddItem btnRemoveItem buttons to add or remove rule.





Scheduler Chain Editor - Schedule Chain Rule


Rule name

You should define the rule name at this field.



The condition is expressed using either SQL or the Scheduler chain condition syntax, and indicates the prerequisites for the action to occur.



This field specifies what is to be done as a result of the condition being met.



You can describe the rule using this field if needed.




Scheduler Chain Editor - Schedule Chain Step


Step name

Specify step name at this field.



This field indicates according to which schedule this step will be performed.

Note: If the schedule is defined for the step, then other fields are unavailable for editing.


Program owner

Specify the program owner within this drop-down list to get the list of the available programs at the Program name drop-down list.

Note: If the program owner is defined for the step, then other fields except Program name are unavailable for editing.


Program name

Define the name of a program to run during this step.



Select the name of a chain to run during this step.

Note: If the subchain is defined for the step, then other fields are unavailable for editing.


Event queue owner

Define the queue owner within this drop-down list to get the list of the available queues at the Program name field.


Event queue name

This field indicates the queue into which events that start this particular step will be enqueued (the source queue).


Event queue agent

In the case of secure queues, the agent name should be provided (the agent should belong to a valid agent that is currently subscribed to the queue).


Event condition

This expression is used as the subscription rule for an event on the source queue. The expression must have the syntax of an Advanced Queuing rule.


CheckBox Skip

Enable this option to skip the step when it's condition is met. In this case the step is treated as if it has immediately succeeded, instead of being run.


CheckBox Pause

If this option is enabled, the step state will be changed to PAUSED after it has run.


CheckBox Restart on recovery

With this option enabled the step stopped by a database shutdown is restarted when the database is recovered.


To compile the object, use the corresponding iconCompile Compile item of the Navigation bar or toolbar.