Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbar provide quick access to tools implemented in Tablespace Editor.


Tablespace Editor - Using Navigation bar


The Navigation bar of Tablespace Editor allows you to:



iconDB select a database

iconObjects_Tablespace select a tablespace for editing



iconCompile compile the tablespace (if it is being created/modified)

iconPrint set printing options to print metadata of the tablespace

iconTools_DependencyTree view the dependency tree for the tablespace

iconRefresh refresh the content of the active tab

iconRestoreDefaultSize restore the default size and position of the editor window


Depending on the current tab selection, the Navigation bar expands to one or more additional panes with tab-specific actions that can be useful for working with the tablespace:



iconSaveToFile save DDL to file

iconTools_SQLEditor open DDL in Query Data


NB: You can enable\disable Toolbars and Navigation bars at Environment Options.