Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Directives options

Use the Directives Options tab of Resource Plan Editor to set a number of parameters (directives options) for each of the previously added consumer groups / subplans.


Resource Plan Editor - Directive options



The name of the consumer group or subplan.


Level 1 - Level 8

Specify the CPU percentage at the corresponding level (for EMPHASIS CPU method).


Degree Of Parallelism

Specify a limit on the degree of parallelism for any operation.


Active Session Pool

Specify the maximum number of concurrently active sessions for the consumer group.



Specify time (in seconds) after which a job in the inactive session queue (waiting for execution) will time out.


Max Undo Pool

Set a maximum in kilobytes (K) on the total amount of undo generated by the consumer group.


Max Execution Time

Specify the maximum execution time (in seconds) allowed for a session.


Switch Group

Specify the consumer group to which this session is switched if other switch criteria are met.


Switch Time

Specify time (in seconds) that a session can execute before an action is taken.


Switch Estimate

If checked, Oracle uses its execution time estimate to automatically switch the consumer group of an operation before beginning its execution.