Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Adding dimension hierarchy

The Add Dimension Hierarchy dialog allows you to define a linear hierarchy of levels in the dimension. Each hierarchy forms a chain of parent-child relationships among the existing levels in the dimension. Hierarchies in a dimension are independent of each other.


Dimension Editor - Adding dimension hierarchy



Hierarchy name

Specify the name of the hierarchy. This name must be unique in the dimension.


Hierarchy levels

Specify the name of a level that has a n:1 relationship with a parent level:

  • select a child level in the Level as Child list;
  • select the corresponding parent level in the Level as Parent list;
  • click the Add button to set relationship between the selected levels;
  • the pair of levels appears in the list below;
  • repeat the operation for all the necessary levels.

To remove a relationship, select the pair of levels in the list below and press the Remove button.


Join keys

Here you can specify an inner join relationship for a dimension whose columns are contained in multiple tables. Setting this relationship is required and permitted only when the columns specified in the hierarchy are not all in the same table.


Table schema / Table name

Use the drop-down lists to select the schema and the table to select columns for the join relationship.


Level  to reference

Use the drop-down list to specify the name of a parent level.


To select a column, you need to move it from the Available Columns list to the Selected Columns list. Use the Move all to Selected Move to Selected Move to Available Move all to Available buttons or drag-and-drop operations to move the columns from one list to another.


Specify one or more columns that are join-compatible with columns in the parent level and press the Add button. To remove a column, select it in the Join key column(s) list and press the Remove button.