Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Using Navigation bar and Toolbar

The Navigation bar and Toolbar provide quick access to tools implemented in Cluster Editor.


Cluster Editor - Using Navigation bar


The Navigation bar of Cluster Editor allows you to:



iconDB select a database

iconObjects_Cluster select a cluster for editing



iconCompile compile the cluster (if it is being created)

iconPrint set printing options to print metadata of the cluster

iconTools_DependencyTree view the dependency tree for the cluster

iconRefresh refresh the content of the active tab

iconRestoreDefaultSize restore the default size and position of the editor window



iconTools_TruncateTable call Truncate Wizard to truncate the cluster


Depending on the current tab selection, the Navigation bar expands to one or more additional panes with tab-specific actions that can be useful for working with the cluster:



iconSaveToFile save DDL to file

iconTools_SQLEditor open DDL in Query Data


NB: You can enable\disable Toolbars and Navigation bars at Environment Options.