Online Documentation for SQL Manager for Oracle

Specifying memory parameters

This step allows you to specify the database template and to define memory parameters.


Create Database Wizard - Setting memory parameters


Database Template

Use this group to select a template with storage parameters that best meet your needs:

RadioButton OLTP

RadioButton General purpose

RadioButton Data warehouse

RadioButton Standby database (for version 10.1.0 and higher)


If you need to customize these parameters, press the View/Edit button to open the corresponding Parameters dialog.


Create Database Wizard - Setting memory parameters - Parameters



Memory parameters in megabytes

Use the spinner controls and drop-down lists to specify memory parameters (in megabytes):

Shared pool


Java pool

Large pool



Primary database parameters

This group is available if the RadioButton Standby database template is selected. Use the editing controls to specify primary database parameters:

SID (system identifier, for description see Specifying database name)

Sys password (password for the SYS user)


Create Database Wizard - Setting memory parameters - Standby database


CheckBox Primary in archivelog

Use this option to define whether the primary database is in archivelog mode (i.e. the contents of a redo log file group is archived

before the group can be reused). If it is, you need to specify its Log archive format in the corresponding field.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Defining additional settings step of the wizard.