EMS DB Extract for Oracle is an impressive and easy-to-use utility for creating database backups in a form of SQL scripts. It allows you to save metadata of all database objects as well as table data. Flexible customization of the extract process enables you to select objects and data tables for extract and tune many other extract options. DB Extract for Oracle includes a graphical wizard, guiding you through the extract process step by step, and a command-line service for creating backups in one-touch.

First of all you must have an opportunity to connect to some local or remote Oracle server. Besides you need your computer to satisfy the system requirements of EMS DB Extract for Oracle.

You can configure the template files visually using the DB Extract Wizard. Set the required extract options on Step 10 of the wizard and click Tools->Save Template. All the options will be saved to the template file which can be used by the console application.

EMS DB Extract for Oracle includes some additional features, which are not available in SQL Manager for Oracle, such as:

  • extracting metadata from several databases on one host;
  • console application for executing extract in one-touch