Online Documentation for Data Import for Oracle

Step 2 - Selecting files to import

At this step you should select source file(s) to be imported.


Click the iconAddFile Add File button to select the source file name using the Open file... dialog. Repeat this operation to add more source files (if necessary).

You can choose among the following types of the source data file:

  • MS Excel
  • MS Excel 2007
  • MS Word 2007
  • MS Access
  • DBF
  • TXT
  • CSV
  • HTML
  • XML Data Packet
  • XML MS Access
  • XML Doc
  • ODS
  • ODT


The open file dialog allows you to set a filter on the source file format.


If you have selected the file of a format that is not supported the Select Import Type dialog appears.




Here you can select which import type for supported file formats should be applied to import the selected file.


To delete a file from the list, select it and click the iconRemoveFile Remove File button.


You can also change the order of the source files in the list using the Up btnMoveUp and the Down btnMoveDown buttons.


Step 2


Note: For the spreadsheet files: if you need to import data from different sheets into different tables you are to include that multi-sheet spreadsheet file into the list several times (equal to the number of sheets to be imported to different tables).


When a file is selected the Select Table dialog appears:


Select table


File name

Displays the name of the imported file and full path.


The Database value is taken from the previous step.


RadioButton Insert into existing table

Select this option to import data to the existing table. The active area contains the list of tables in the selected database. You can refresh the list by clicking the Refresh button.


RadioButton Create new table

Use this option to create import destination table.



Use the drop-down list to select the schema in which the table should be created.


To change the target Oracle table that has been already assigned to a source data file, select the table in the list and press the ellipsis btnEllipsis button to call the Select Table dialog again.


When you are done, press the Next button to proceed to the next step.