Online Documentation for Data Import for Oracle

Welcome to EMS Data Import utility!

EMS Data Import for Oracle is a powerful program to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, Open Document, HTML files to Oracle tables. It provides adjustable import parameters, including source data formats for all the fields and destination data formats for the selected fields, commit options, number of records to skip, etc. Data Import for Oracle includes a wizard which allows you to set all the import options for different files visually, and a command-line utility to execute import in one-touch.


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Key features

  • Import from most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Access, XML, DBF, TXT, CSV, MS Word, Open Document Format and HTML
  • Importing data to one or several tables or views from different databases
  • Automatically creates table structure
  • Special batch insert commands allow to import data at the maximum possible speed
  • A number of import modes - Insert All, Insert New, Insert or Update, and others
  • Secure Shell (SSH) tunneling support
  • Adjustable import parameters for each source file
  • Saving all import parameters set on current wizard session
  • Command-line utility to import data using the configuration file
  • Powerful visual options module
  • User-friendly localizable wizard interface


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