Online Documentation for Data Generator for Oracle

Data generation mode

This option defines data generation mode - random data generation, incremented values generation or getting data from list or SQL query, or getting data from an existing table column.


Select the Generate random data option to generate random data within the defined range.


Another mode - Generate incremental data - allows one to set the initial value and the increment for generated values.


Select the Get Data from List / SQL query option to generate data by getting values from the user-defined list randomly or in the fixed order. This can be:

- a list of values (for numeric, string, date/time, boolean data types);

- a list of files (for BLOB data type);

- an SQL query;

- previously defined sample text (for string data types).


Select the Get data from column option to specify a column to generate data from: use the Table and Column drop-down lists to select the source table and column that will be used to take data for generation.