Online Documentation for Data Generator for Oracle

Welcome to EMS Data Generator!

EMS Data Generator for Oracle is a powerful utility for generating test data into one or several Oracle database tables simultaneously, with script saving and editing capabilities. The wizard application allows you to define tables and columns for generating data, set value ranges, generate string values by mask, load values for BLOB columns directly from files, set lists of values manually, get sets of values from SQL queries and perform other operations with test date in a simple and direct way. The distribution of the utility also provides you with the console application which allows you to generate data in one-touch by using data generation templates.


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Key features

  • Unicode support
  • Localizable user-friendly wizard interface
  • Ability to save and edit data generation script, without actual script execution
  • Generating data into several tables of different schemas
  • Ability to select data insertion type: INSERT, MERGE
  • Support for all Oracle data types including NUMERIC, CHARACTER, DATETIME (DATE, TIMESTAMP), INTERVALS and BINARY (RAW, LONGRAW, BLOB)
  • Various data generation modes for each data type including list, random, incremental data generation and more
  • Ability to use SQL query results as the list of values for data generation
  • Ability to get data from another column for data generation
  • Ability to preview the data grid for each table
  • Automatic control over referential integrity for data generation into linked tables
  • Ability to disable triggers associated with the tables during data generation
  • Wide variety of generation parameters for each data type
  • Ability to set NULL values for a specified percent of cases
  • Ability to empty tables before data generation
  • Possibility of saving all the generation parameters specified within the current wizard session
  • The command-line utility to generate data using the configuration file


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