Online Documentation for Data Comparer for Oracle

Step 8 - Start of synchronization process

This step is intended to inform you that all the synchronization parameters have been set, and you can now start the synchronization process itself.


CheckBox Abort synchronization on error

If this option is selected, the synchronization process is stopped upon any execution error.


CheckBox Detailed error messages

Tick off the checkbox to get the detailed error log displayed on the screen. The statements for which the execution resulted in errors will be listed in the Data synchronization log area.


Step 8 - Start of synchronization process


If everything is correct, press the Synchronize button to start the process. If you want to change any options, you can return to any of the wizard steps using the Back button.


You can btnSaveLog save process log into *.rtf file or btnPrintLog print it instantly using the corresponding buttons.


Note: When you press the btnPrintLog print button, the utility saves the current log text as a temporary *.rtf file to open it with the editor that is associated with this file extension in OS and then print.


Please do not forget to save comparison templates if you need to repeat the synchronization process with the same or similar settings later.