Online Documentation for SQL Management Studio for MySQL

Using services

SQL Studio integrated features provide easy way to run all native MySQL services which are intended for database maintenance. The following services and server tools are available:


To run a service, click its icon or caption on the Desktop Panel and follow the steps of the Wizard. If necessary, you can click the Arrow-down button to open the menu allowing you to specify a template, and run the wizard with this template.


To manage configuration files (templates), use the corresponding Manage templates link. In this case you will be redirected to the Template Management section of SQL Studio.


Database Management - Services





Backup Tables

Saves tables from local host to files for future restore.


Restore Tables

Restores tables from files on disk to the database.


Analyze Tables

Analyzes and stores the key distribution for tables.


Check Tables

Checks database tables for consistency and identifies the corruption of tables.


Repair Tables

Repairs database tables that are corrupted.


Optimize Tables

Reclaims the unused space in tables and defragments the data files.


Truncate Tables

Empties tables completely by dropping and recreating them.


Dump Database

Dump a MySQL database or a collection of databases into SQL Script using 'mysqldump' utility.


Restore Database Dump

Restore database or a collection of databases from SQL Script.