Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL

Setting database options

The Options section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to set various options for the database.


hs3252 - Setting database options


Customize database options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.


CheckBox Login prompt before connection

Enables SQL Query for MySQL to prompt for user name and password each time you connect to the database.


CheckBox Use compression protocol

Enables using the data compression protocol when connecting to the database server.


CheckBox Keep connection alive

Enables pinging the server before each query execution.


CheckBox Interactive mode

Enables using the interactive_timeout variable value from my.cnf file instead of wait_timeout for connection timeout.


CheckBox Quote identifiers

Enables quoting all the identifiers with the backquote symbol ('`').

Note: This option is only applied for the servers that support quoting aliases.


CheckBox Autoconnect at startup

Check this option to specify that SQL Query for MySQL automatically establishes connection to the registered database at application startup.


CheckBox Use SSL protocol

Enables interchanging data with the remote MySQL server via an encrypted channel, not allowing intruders to intercept your data.

Note: This option is only applied for the servers that support SSL connections


CheckBox Disable transactions

Enables/disables transactions for this connection.

Transactions are used for controlling the changes on the server (e.g. for rolling back the changes of data and metadata). Also transactions are used for providing multiple access to the same data (more than one user can work with the same data at the same time). If you do not need to use transactions, you can disable them and each transaction will be committed after execution.