Online Documentation for SQL Query for MySQL

First time started

This is how SQL Query for MySQL looks when you start it for the first time.


The main menu allows you to perform various Database operations, Edit your queries effectively, activate/deactivate Database Explorer, SQL Assistant and toolbars for Database operations, Options, Query management tools, etc. within the View menu, manage your SQL queries using items of the Query menu, customize the application using the Options menu, manage SQL Query Windows, access Registration information and product documentation using the corresponding items available within the Help menu.


To start working with your MySQL database server you should first register the host using Register Host Wizard. After that you need to register one or several databases using Register Database Wizard.


By default the corresponding btnRegisterHost Register Host, btnRegisterDB Register Database buttons are available on the toolbar and within the Database menu.


hs2100 - First time started


When the database connection settings are specified, you can set connection to your database and proceed to Database navigation and working with SQL queries.