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Start of extraction process


This step allows you to customize common script options and data options for the extraction process.


Script options


CheckBox Generate "CREATE DATABASE" statement

Check this option to add the CREATE DATABASE statement to the result script.


CheckBox Generate "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS" statement

Check the option to add the DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS statement for the database in the result script.


CheckBox Generate "USE db_name" statement

Check the option to add the USE db_name statement to the result script.


CheckBox Generate "DROP IF EXISTS" statements

Check the option to add the DROP IF EXISTS statements for the extracted objects in the result script.


CheckBox Disable foreign key checks

If this option is selected, foreign key constraints are not considered in the extraction process (SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0).


Extract Database - Customizing script options



CheckBox Generate "SET NAMES" statement

Check this option to add the SET NAMES 'character_set' statement to the result script.

Character set issues affect not only data storage, but also communication between client programs and the MySQL server. The SET NAMES 'character_set' statement allows you to indicate which character set (different from the default) should be used by the server while  communicating with the client program.


CheckBox Extract dependent objects

This option determines objects' dependencies usage in the extraction process. Check the option to extract all objects that the selected objects depend on.


CheckBox Add SQL_MODE variable

This option specifies that the SET sql_mode='modes' statement will be added to the result script.

SQL modes define what SQL syntax MySQL should support and what kind of data validation checks it should perform. This facilitates using MySQL in different environments and together with other database servers.


CheckBox Insert comments

This option determines whether comments will be added to the result script.


Extract structure for version

This drop-down list allows you to define the version of MySQL server you need to extract metadata for. The result script will be generated in compliance with the specifications of the selected server version: Current server version, 3.23, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, or 5.1.


CheckBox Trim tables and column comments

Set limit for table and fields comments length. Maximum length of exported comment is defined in the Max comment length field.


Data options


Records in a block / CheckBox Insert "COMMIT" statement after each block

These controls allow you to define whether the COMMIT statement is added to the script or not, and to specify the number of records in each block to be supplemented with this statement.


CheckBox Extract table data just after its definition

This option allows you to define the order for table data and metadata. With this option enabled, the result script is generated in the following way: table definition, data for the table as a set of INSERT INTO statements, then definition for other objects. Otherwise the following order  is applied: table definition, definition for other objects, then table data.


CheckBox Extract data from Merge tables

Use this option if you wish to extract data from tables of the MRG_MyISAM storage engine.


Extract Database - Customizing data options



CheckBox Abort extraction on error

This option determines whether the extraction process should be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.



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