Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Joining two objects

The diagram area allows you to associate two objects by their fields: this operation is performed by dragging a field from one object list to another. This will set a link between these objects by the selected fields. It is indicated by a bidirectional arrow between the linked fields.


Query Builder - Joining two objects



You can view the link properties of objects association: set the mouse cursor over the linking arrow, and a hint containing the association condition will popup after a short delay.



To remove a link between objects, right-click the linking arrow and select the Delete link popup menu item.


To add a point to the link line, right-click the linking arrow and select the Insert point popup menu item. Using the point you can move the link line easily. The point does not cause any changes to the query, it is only used for the diagram representation and makes visual building handy and more comprehensible.


Visual Query Builder - Link menu