Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Viewing info

Tabs located in the bottom area of Debugger contain various information concerning routine text and its debugging process.


Parameters and Variables tab displays all variables and parameters with their types and values that are used in routine text.


Function debugger - Debug info - Parameters and variables



Watches tab displays variables and parameters that have been selected for tracing. Values of the selected variables are changed after each executed statement. Current value can be found in the Watch Value column.


Procedure Debugger - Debug info - Watches


Watch Name can store variable names and statements calculated via MySQL means e.g.: CONCAT (str1, ';')


Use the context menu to manage variables and parameters. You can:

Add new variable or parameter to trace - New Watch

Change selected watch - Edit Watch

Remove variable or parameter from the watch list - Delete Watch

Remove all items from the list - Delete All Watches.


Procedure Debugger - Debug info - Watches - Add Watch


Recent executed statement can be found at the Last Statement tab.


Function debugger - Debug info - Last statement


Breakpoints tab contains the complete list of breakpoints for this routine text.


Function debugger - Debug info - Breakpoints


For each breakpoint the following info is provided:

  • Line number where the breakpoint is set
  • The returned Statement
  • Passes - how many times debugger stopped in this point during current session.


Statements returned by MySQL can be found at the Messages tab. You can view message type and text here.


Function debugger - Debug info - Messages