Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Editing trigger definition

Use the Edit tab of Trigger Editor to create/edit a table trigger and specify its properties.



Enter a name for the new trigger, or modify the name of the trigger being edited.



Specifies the MySQL account to be used when checking access privileges at the trigger fire-time.

Hint: You should either follow the 'user_name'@'host_name' format, or select the CURRENT_USER value to use the current MySQL user as the trigger definer.



Use the drop-down list of tables to select the table on which the trigger will be executed, or view the name of the table if the trigger is being edited.


Trigger Editor - Editing trigger definition




Select the trigger behaviour type:

RadioButton Before

Specifies that the trigger is fired before the event.

RadioButton After

Specifies that the trigger is fired after the event.


On event

Specify the data modification statements that activate the trigger when it is tried against this table: Insert, Update or Delete. At least one option must be specified.




This area allows you to set the trigger conditions and actions. Trigger conditions specify additional criteria that determine whether the tried DML statements cause the trigger actions to be performed.

The trigger actions take effect when the DML operation is performed.


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code completion and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented. For details see Working with SQL Editor area and Using the context menu.