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On the screenshot below you can see how table editor looks when you create a table with FEDERATED storage engine.


New Table - Setting table properties_federated



Connection type

Choose preferable connection type


RadioButton Use connection string

Specified connection string will be used for connection to a remote table.


RadioButton Use federated server

A table located on federated server will be used.


When using connection string


Connection string

Use the ellipsis EllipsisButton button (available to the right of the editable area) to specify the connection parameters using the Build connection string dialog.


The Build connection string dialog allows you to specify the following parameters to be included into the connection string: remote MySQL Host name, the Port to connect through, User name, Password, remote MySQL Database name, remote Table name.


Table Properties - Setting federated table options - Build connection string


Use the Load connection info menu to get connection string from a registered database. You still need to select table manually in this case.



When using federated server


Federated server

Select an existing Federated server from the drop-down list.


Table name

Select a table on the specified federated server from the drop-down list.


For the description of common options refer to the Setting storage options page.