Online Documentation for SQL Manager for MySQL

Selecting tables for checking

Use this step of the wizard to define check options and select the tables to be checked using MySQL routines.




CheckBox Quick

Do not scan the rows to check for wrong links.


CheckBox Fast

Check only tables that have not been closed properly.


CheckBox Changed

Check only tables that have been changed since last check or have not been closed properly.


CheckBox Medium

Scan rows to verify that deleted links are ok. This also calculates a key checksum for the rows and verifies this with a calculated checksum for the keys.


CheckBox Extended

Perform a full key lookup for all keys for each row. This ensures that the table is 100% consistent, but it might take a long time.


To select a table, you need to move it from the Available tables list to the Selected tables list. Use the Move all to Selected Move to Selected Move to Available Move all to Available buttons or drag-and-drop operations to move the tables from one list to another.


Check Tables - Selecting tables



Click the Next button to proceed to the last step of the wizard.