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Target field properties

The Target object definition area of Step 5 allows you to view and edit the target iconObjects_Field field properties:


Step 5 - Editing target objects - Target field properties


Name - specifies the field name


Type - use the drop-down list of data types supported by MySQL to select the one you wish to be applied to the currently selected field


Size - set the size of the field


Scale - specify the scale for the field values (if available for the selected data type)


Default value - enter the value that inserted records will get by default (if necessary)


CheckBox Not NULL - determines nullability for the field (whether the field is NULL / NOT NULL)


CheckBox Autoincrement - specifies the autoincrement property for the field (for integer fields)



If necessary, add a comment for the object.


Values - specifies the list of values (for the ENUM and SET data types)


Charset - define the character set for the selected field (for string data types)


Collate - specify collation for the field (for string data types)


CheckBox Use dimension - sets the dimension properties for field types having dimension properties (e.g. integer, float, or timestamp data types)


CheckBox Unsigned - assigns the UNSIGNED attribute to the field: integer data will be displayed unsigned


CheckBox Zerofill - assigns the ZEROFILL attribute to the field: for columns of the numeric data type, MySQL will automatically add zeros before the first significant digit of the number stored in this column


CheckBox Binary - specifies the binary collation of the column character set. In this case, sorting and comparison are based on numeric character values


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