Online Documentation for Data Export for MySQL

Step 3 - Specifying queries

Use this step to define queries to export their results.




Select the database from drop-down list.


btnAddQuery Add Query

Click the button to add a query. Either you can right-click within the Queries list and select the Add Query context menu item.


Query Text

You can enter SQL text for each query directly using the editor area or load an existing query from an external *.sql file by pressing the Load Query button.


While inputting query text, it is also possible to save your queries by clicking the Save Query button or clear the content of the editor by clicking the Clear Query button.


To rename a query, right-click it in the Queries list and select the Rename Query context menu item.


To delete a query, select it in the Queries list and press the btnRemoveQuery Remove Query button, or right-click the query and select the Remove Query context menu item.


To delete all queries (i.e. empty the Queries list), click the btnClearAll Clear All button, or right-click within the Queries list and select the Remove All Queries context menu item.


Note: If none of the tables was selected at the previous step, the Next button will be enabled only when the query is added.


Step 3


The context menu of query editor area contains most of the standard text-processing functions (Copy, Paste, Select All). You can also save your query as a default query by choosing the corresponding context menu item. It will be automatically copied to the default query editor.


If you add a query with parameters, the Input Parameters dialog will appear on pressing the Export button at the last step. You need to define parameters type and value at the corresponding fields.


Step 9 - Imput Parameters dialog


CheckBox Don't show this step anymore

Use the option to disable this step. To enable the step use the appropriate option at the Selecting skipped steps tab of the Preferences dialog.


When you are done, press the Next button to proceed to the next step.