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Running Data Pump

EMS Data Pump for SQL Server is an excellent utility for converting databases and importing table data from an ADO-compatible source (e.g. MS Access or any other database with ADO support) to SQL Server databases. Database conversion becomes as easy as it possible with Data Pump for SQL Server!


Data Pump for SQL Server provides you with an easy-to-use Wizard which guides you through all the steps of migration process: you can build the connection string, select tables, fields and indices for converting, view and edit SQL script for generating the target SQL Server database structure and select tables for data import.

Additionally to the GUI version which is implemented in the form of a Wizard application, Data Pump for SQL Server includes the console version which is intended for running from Windows command line with a template file name used as the execution parameter.


To run Data Pump for SQL Server, click its icon or caption on the Desktop Panel and follow the steps of the Wizard. If necessary, you can click the Arrow-down button to open the menu allowing you to specify a template, and run the wizard/console with the template.


To manage configuration files (templates), use the corresponding Manage templates link. In this case you will be redirected to the Template Management section of SQL Studio.


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