Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


At this page you can edit general options of Update Statistics step.


Editing Service task template - Update Statistics - General



RadioButton All existing statistics

Select this option if you need to update all statistics.


RadioButton Column statistics only

Use this option to update column statistics only.


RadioButton Index statistics only

This option indicates that only index statistics will be updated.



RadioButton Full scan

Specifies that all rows in table or view should be read to gather the statistics. This option provides the same behavior as Sample 100 Percent.


RadioButton Sample

Specifies the percentage of the table or indexed view, or the number of rows to sample when collecting statistics for larger tables or views.


RadioButton Resample

Option specifies that statistics will be gathered using an inherited sampling ratio for all existing statistics including indexes. If the sampling ratio results in too few rows being sampled, SQL Server automatically corrects the sampling based on the number of existing rows in the table or view.


CheckBox No recompute

Disable the option to recompute statistics that become out of date automatically.