Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


This page allows you to edit database selection to shrink.


Editing Service task template - Shrink Database - Databases




Select the servers to run the operation on. If the servers name icon is grayed out the Backup service is not run (installed) or there is no connection to the server.

Note: Selecting servers is not available in Template mode. It is selected on applying the Step Template in Policy.





Use this option to select both: system and user databases.


All system

This option indicates that only system databases should be shrinked.


All user

Select this option to shrink user databases only.


By mask

This option allows defining database selection by mask. Use * for a set of any characters and ? for any single character in the database name.



This option allows manual selecting of the databases.



Select the databases which will be excluded from the backup. All databases, not selected in the list, will be included.


Online only

Select only the databases in the online state.

If you are creating a step template then you can add a database to the list by using the AddItem button or Ins key.


Note: The server is selected on applying the Step Template in Policy.


When you are editing a step on creating a policy from template then if the database(s) defined on the Selecting database step are missed on the selected server the list of databases will be the following.


Editing Service task - Clean mismatches


Click the Clean Mismatches button to delete the missed databases from the list for the policy cannot be executed for them.