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At this page you can edit general options of the step.


Editing Service task template - Database Integrity Check - General


CheckBox Exclude indexes checks (NOINDEX)

The option indicates that indices are excluded on database integrity check.


CheckBox Perform logical checks on indexes (EXTENDED_LOGICAL_CHECKS)

If the compatibility level is 100 (SQL Server 2008) or higher, enable this option to perform logical consistency checks on indexed views, XML indexes, and spatial indexes.


CheckBox Limit the checking to

Use this option if you need to restrict database integrity check:


Physical Only (PHYSICAL_ONLY) value limits the checking operation to the integrity of the physical structure of the page and record headers, the physical structure of B-trees and the allocation consistency of the database. Designed to provide a small overhead check of the physical consistency of the database, this check can also detect torn pages, checksum failures, and common hardware failures that can compromise a user's data.


Data Purity (DATA_PURITY) value checks the database for column values that are not valid or out-of-range.


CheckBox Apply lock during check (TABLOCK)

If this option is used, the DBCC CHECKDB statement obtains locks instead of using an internal database snapshot. This includes a short-term database exclusive lock.


CheckBox Write detailed error messages (ALL_ERRORMSGS)

This option displays an unlimited number of all errors per object.


CheckBox Suppress info messages (NO_INFOMSGS)

This option suppresses all informational messages.


Use the Operation timeout option to specify how long a remote operation can take before the program times out and the error is returned.