Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server


This page allows you to edit database selection to ship transaction logs.


Editing Service task template-Transaction Log Shipping-Selectioon



Source server

Select the server where the database that you want to back up to another server is located.


Destination server

Select the server where transaction logs are shipped to from the Destination server list.


Set the database pairs in the grid. The backups of transaction logs are performed on the source server and restored on the destination server. If the destination database does not exist, you can select New database item in the Destination DB column and specify its name in the New database column. If the destination database needs rewriting, set the corresponding flag in the Overwrite column. Creating and overwriting of the databases is performed by creating a full backup of the source database and its further restoring. Even in case of scheduled execution, creating of a database is executed immediately on wizard finish.


Data folder

Specify the path for data MDF files for the newly created database.


Log folder

Specify the path for data LDF files for the newly created database.


Note: When creating a template no databases can be selected.


If the Overwrite option was selected or you have chosen to create a new database then the first stage of the operation is performed immediately on applying settings (pressing the OK button). On the next step editing the Overwrite option will be reset and the <Create new> item will be replaced with the created database name.