Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Selecting servers

Use this step of the wizard to select servers and specify folders for restoring.


Service tasks - Bulk Restore - Selection


Restore Source Folder

Specify the folder to search files in. The program scans all files and fetches all database names from the backups. The latest backup is chosen for each database found. If the latest file is a differential or transaction log backup EMS SQL Backup searches for all the previous backups required for successful restoring and applies all files automatically.


Target Data Folder

Specify the folder which database data files will be moved to.


Target Log Folder

Specify the folder which database transaction log files will be moved to.


If the operation is used without policy (Quick Maintenance Action) this step looks as follows.


Service tasks - Bulk Restore - Database Selection


Click the Fill databases button to fill the list of found databases. After scanning the specified folder the database names and backup points are displayed in the corresponding columns. Use the check boxes to select databases for restoring.