Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Name and description

At this section you can view and edit policy name, description and time preference.


Policy Editor - Name and description



Edit policy name in this field.



Edit brief info for the created policy.


In different time zones schedule tasks on basis of

These options specify what time zone is used for policy task launch if its servers are located in different time zones. If tasks are to start at specific server time (for example, when server is idle) we recommend to select local server time, otherwise select local console time.


RadioButton Local server time zone

Use this option to launch policy tasks according to the local time on each server.


RadioButton Home time zone

Use this option to launch policy tasks at the time corresponding to the time zone set in the General options. It allows easy control over policy status. It is recommended to use this option to synchronize the operations for the 'Transaction Log Shipping' task.


The bottom panel shows errors and warnings for all sections of the policy, if any.