Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Selecting updating/removing type

Select EMS SQL Backup server-side components updating/removing type.


Installation Wizard - Selecting updating type


If you are updating/uninstalling server-side components on the local server then on the first step the server name is displayed.


For a remote server choose the way the service will be updated/uninstalled.


RadioButton SQL Server

Update/uninstall server-side components via SQL Server connection.

It is recommended to use the SQL Server option if the SQL Server service is running under the account with Administrator privileges or LocalSystem account.


RadioButton Network Folder

Update/uninstall server-side components via Network shared folder.


Remote resource

Select the shared folder that will be used for copying files that are necessary for updating/removing EMS SQL Backup server-side components: RadioButton ADMIN$ or RadioButton Custom. Use the Custom share folder if the ADMIN$ share does not exist on the remote host.


For the Custom share you need to specify the following settings.

Share path

Specify the share folder name only without providing its full path (for example, 'Shared').


Share local path

Specify the full local path to the shared folder on the remote host (for example, 'C:\Shared').


Specify the authentication credentials to be used for connection to the shared folder RadioButton Windows authentication (use the current Windows user credentials) or RadioButton This account (provide authorization settings: User and Password).


Please make sure that the specified account has access to the shared folder and is a member of the Administrators group on the remote host.


After all settings are specified click the Check folder button to check the folder existence and access to it.