Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Specifying connection parameters

This step of the wizard provides you with major set of options needed to register a server.


Setting connection parameters


Server Name

Use this field to select server to register. You can select host from the drop-down list or type in a host name manually.

Please note that if Microsoft® SQL Server™ is installed as a named instance, you should enter the name of your machine and the instance name in the Server name field in the following format: computer_name\sqlserver_instance_name (e.g. "MYCOMPUTER\SQLEXPRESS").



Define the server alias which is displayed in the DB Explorer tree and program tools. By default, a server alias generated by the application has the following format: <server_name>.



Specify the type of Microsoft® SQL Server™ authentication to be used for the connection: RadioButton Windows authentication or RadioButton SQL Server authentication.


SQL Server authentication requires authorization information: User name and Password.



Use this option to restrict time for EMS SQL Backup to connect to server.


Test connection

You can test specified connection settings by pressing this button.