Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

EMS SQL Backup overview

EMS SQL Backup consists of two core units: SQL Administration Console and Server-side components. SQL Administration Console is launched at the client machine, whereas Server-side components are installed on the server where SQL Server instance is launched (locally or remotely). Server-side components include the service installed on the server machine and extended stored procedures created in 'master' database for each SQL Server instance.



EMS SQL Backup Administration Console is the basic tool for administration of SQL Server instances and maintenance polices, maintaining status of instances and logs reviewing. Task and policy execution process is initiated by the service running on SQL Server. Interaction between EMS SQL Backup Administration Console and service on the server is implemented with extended stored procedures, that manages policy execution without extra connections to the server and opening of additional ports. Policy, which is the main element of EMS SQL Backup, is implemented as jobs in SQL Server and therefore its execution requires consistent work of SQL Agent.