Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Licence deactivation 

Use this step to set license deactivation method.


License deactivation - Select the deactivation method


RadioButton Deactivate EMS SQL Backup License online

Use this option if you have Internet connection. Product license will be deactivated automatically within a few seconds.


RadioButton Deactivate EMS SQL Backup License through our website

This option allows you to deactivate product license using license information from your Member Account on our web-site.


To proceed to the next step of the Wizard check the CheckBox I understand that License Key will be deactivated now. On clicking the Next button the license will be deactivated locally. This means that the license for an SQL Server instance will be deactivated in the EMS SQL Backup program but you won't be able to activate this license key on another instance.

Note: To complete the deactivation process you need to finish this Wizard.


Next step in case of online deactivation.

Next step in case of website deactivation.