Online Documentation for SQL Backup for SQL Server

Welcome to EMS SQL Backup!

EMS SQL Backup  is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to perform backup and restore SQL Server databases that includes hot deployment mechanism and monitoring tasks progress.


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  • Compressing backup files (on any SQL Server version)
  • Reducing backup time up to 4 times (on any SQL Server version)
  • Backup encryption (on any SQL Server version)
  • Support of Cloud Storages: FTP (SSL), SFTP (SSH), Windows network folders (CIFS), Dropbox
  • Easy-to use wizard organizing the log shipping process
  • Backup of files and filegroups
  • Bulk Restore: emergency restore of multiple databases
  • Ability to perform 11 types of maintenance tasks including backup, re-indexing, updating statistics, etc.
  • Policy engine to quickly deploy maintenance tasks to multiple servers and to monitor their execution results
  • Centralized monitoring of policies on multiple servers using the user-friendly GUI console
  • Multi-threaded execution of backup operation to achieve maximum performance
  • Support of SQL Server Failover Cluster
  • Working with Enterprise and BI versions of SQL Server (PRO version only)