Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting advanced restore options

This step offers some additional options that are specific for each restoration mode.


CheckBox Preserve database replication settings

This option specifies that the replication settings are preserved upon restoration of a published database to a server other than that on which it was created. It prevents replication settings from being removed when a database or log backup is restored on a warm standby server and the database is recovered.


CheckBox Restrict access for database to dbo only

This option restricts access to the newly restored database to members of the db_owner, dbcreator, or sysadmin roles.


Restore Database - Setting advanced restore options



Tape after restoring

Specify whether the tape should be rewound, rewound and unloaded, or kept open when the restoration is completed.


Transaction log restore options

This section is available only if the Transaction log restore type was selected at the Setting restore type and recovery options step.


RadioButton Restore all records of transaction log

Select this option to make a complete restore from transaction log backup.


RadioButton Restore all records of transaction log before

This option indicates that database restore is based on the transaction log records added before specified date. Pick date and specify time in the fields below.


RadioButton Restore all records of transaction log up to marked transaction

Use this option to restore database to the state when marked transaction was committed.


Mark name

Specify the needed mark in the field.


Look for marks at or after

You need to define the start date time point to search for the marked transaction from.


CheckBox Perform checksum

This option enables/disables checksum verification before restoring from the backup media.


CheckBox Continue on error

This option determines whether the restore operation will be stopped or forced to continue if an error occurs.


When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to the last step of the wizard.