Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting backup type and options

This step of the wizard allows you to set up basic options pertaining to the database backup operation.


Database recovery model

This label displays the recovery model defined for the database.


Backup name

Enter a name for the current backup.


Backup description

Enter any optional text to describe the backup operation.


Backup Database - Setting backup type and options



Backup type


Use this parameter to define the backup type:

RadioButton Database - full (a full database backup which backs up the entire database including the transaction log)

RadioButton Database - differential (a differential backup which records only the changes made to the data in the database after the last full database backup)

RadioButton Transaction log (a sequence of log backups provided for a continuous chain of transaction information to support recovery forward from database, differential, or file backups)


CheckBox Restart interrupted backup

Specifies that SQL Server restarts an interrupted backup operation. This option may save time because it restarts the backup operation from the point it was last interrupted.

Note: This option can only be used for backups directed to tape media and for backups that span multiple tape volumes. A restart operation never occurs on the first volume of the backup.


CheckBox Copy only

This option specifies that the backup does not affect the normal sequence of backups. A copy-only backup does not affect the overall backup and restore procedures for the database. You can create a copy-only backup for any type of backup.



Click the Next button to proceed to the Selecting database files to backup step of the wizard.