Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Print Preview

You can btnPrintPreview make a preview of the printing report and btnPrintMetadata print metadata for objects of the selected type using the corresponding items of the Navigation bar (or toolbar).


Print Metadata - Preview



The toolbar of the Preview window allows you to:

  • start printing the report;
  • open a previously saved printing report;
  • save the current report to an external *.fp3 file;
  • export the preview content to any of the available formats: HTML file, Excel file, Text file, RTF file, CSV file, HTML file, BMP image, Excel table (OLE), JPEG image, TIFF image (use the btnPreviewExport Export button for this purpose);
  • search for text within the printing report;
  • adjust zoom options;
  • enable/disable printing report outline;
  • enable/disable printing report thumbnails;
  • specify page settings;
  • edit the page using Report Designer;
  • navigate within the printing report pages;
  • close the Preview window.